Therapeutic Aesthetics.

Physiotherapists have been using sound waves to treat inflammation, scar tissue, pain and fracture healing for years.

Acoustic Wave, Radial or Focused Shockwave and Ultrasound all have the ability to breakdown the scar tissue. But especially the subcutaneous fascia that form adhesions, or sticky trigger points as a result of the healing process during the injury rehab.

Storz Medical was the first company worldwide, to successfully change the physical properties of shockwaves, enabling their effective use for the treatment of cellulite, 3D body contouring and shaping, and facial aesthetics; now known as Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) or Lipotripsy™ (Venn Healthcare, UK).

By breaking down scar tissue or fascial adhesions, and improving blood flow to the skin, our shockwave units help blood and lymph cells flush away unwanted fat through the bodies natural waste elimination process; via your circulatory and lymphatic drainage. AWT Lipotripsy™ has been shown to reduce the effects of cellulite, fascial distortions; with improvements seen within as little as four to six weeks and excellent alternative to surgical liposuction. Getting rid of clients’ unwanted lumps, bumps and distorted skin, to achieve a smoother silhouette.

Concourse Physiotherapy has been located in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District for almost 30 years, where your privacy and confidentiality are our priority. You will have easy access via the Downtown-Concourse W walkway and 1 hour parking included; as parking continues to be 1 hour free in the Exchange. We do NOT charge for direct billing, chart maintenance or PPE, as we make your personal treatment as convenient as possible.

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